Big Brother hopeful fires back at ‘bone eyed w**ker’ after his dream TV contract is cancelled following an alleged sold story to national newspaper

A BIG Brother hopeful has fired back after his dream TV contract with Channel 5 was cancelled when a story came out in a national newspaper.

Freddie Bentley was allegedly set to appear in the next series of the infamous reality TV show Big Brother, but after he was identified by the Daily Star Newspaper his dream has come to an end.

The Star reported the 20-year-old is the first contestant on the show’s ‘mammoth’ 14-week series list and that ‘he’s sure to bring the drama’.

Freddie Bentley was set to appear in the new series of Big Brother UK. PHOTO: Instagram / @FreddieBBentley

An inside source told the Star: “”If he was to walk into a room, everyone would notice he has arrived.

“When it comes to loyalty he’s extremely grounded. And being that loud person is who he is he enjoys having all eyes on him.”

Freddie took to social media to express his upset after he was told he would no longer be able to take part in the show as his contract had been breached.

He said: “Just wanted to clarify a few things regarding #BBUK and the daily star print as everyone is interested and my phone has been going mental.

“I received a phone call from the star informing me that a story was being run about me and that there was nothing that I could have possible done to strip the story running.”

Freddie went onto explain that Big Brother “has always been a dream” of his and he had auditioned every year, he said: “For someone to sell a story to get a few hundred quid on me is beyond disgusting.”

Freddie Bentley was set to appear in the new series of Big Brother UK. PHOTO: Instagram / @FreddieBBentley

He added: “I’m gutted and now my contract has been breached for #BigBrother #BBUK and now the opportunity of being a housemate has been taken away from me due to the fact that someone wanted to get one over on me.”

Freddie urged any future applicants to “honestly keep it to yourself”, he said: “People will claim there your friend and will keep a secret, but clearly that isn’t the case, as people have witnessed in my situation.”

He added: “This isn’t the last of me at all. I’m going to turn this negative in to a positive and nothing or no one will stop me.

“My phone has been going mad the last 48 hours and opportunities are flying in. So to the person that tried to f*ck me over, THANK YOU.

“I was gutted when the story come out but I’m going stand taller then I ever have to prove anyone that doubted me wrong, including the bone eyed w***er that tried to get one over.

“I’ll always come out on top, regardless off the situation.”

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