COLUMN: Sarah Martin – ‘How to be successful’

I LOVE how so many posts and quotes go on and on about what successful people do and how to become successful like them.

I love it as much as I would love to sit on a chair covered in broken shards of glass.


Because it will not be pleasant and copying someone else’s path to success will be painful!

Let me elaborate!

Everyone is successful on some level or another and there is no true blue print on how to become successful.

What success really means to each and everyone one of us is different, as it should be.

What the quotes and books don’t tell us is that there is a part of everyone’s journey when we will hit a wall, where we feel lost and where we think we are useless, and we just don’t know how to be successful!

I am sorry to say but people make money off of telling you how to follow their blue print when in fact you need to just be you!

When we are in the hitting the wall phase we can tend to feel really low and try to find ways to become this idea we have in our heads, however if the idea of what you want to do or become doesn’t fall in line with who you truly are at your core, then you will keep hitting that wall until you realise the right path to take.

In other words you will fail as many times as necessary in order to get on your right path.

Once you are in line with your purpose success is the outcome and it’s effortless!

Don’t forget that the mere fact that you are well, sane and are even alive is an achievement!   

That alone is huge!

People tend to forget that to be successful you need peace if mind so you can think and act clearly.

Without a clear mind it’s very hard to see the woods for the trees, everything becomes very foggy and then it becomes easier to follow someone else’s blue print.

Each and every person is unique and special in their own way, therefore to spend one’s life trying to imitate the life or success of another is futile and very exhausting.

Sure by all means be inspired by seeing another person be in line with their calling but relax and know you have it too.

You have all it takes to be successful in YOUR OWN WAY!

So don’t beat yourself up or believe you must follow someone’s blue print for success.

Instead focus on being as much you as you can in every moment and allow yourself to be open to ideas and possibilities that you haven’t even been able to dream yet.

Make your own success blue print for just you, by being you and doing what you love, and in turn inspire others to be free and unapologetically them.

That’s my opinion and advice on becoming successful in anything you do.

Much Love

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin is an all round creative who in her words doesn't fit in any standard box! She is the founder and owner of female empowerment fashion brand SHE Republic. She is also a writter, blogger, vlogger, artist and TV host. For more information about her works visit

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