Courtney Act / Shane J is crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 with 49% of votes in her favour

Courtney Act has won Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – and in the final five, Courtney received 49 per cent of votes to win.

Courtney, aka Shane J made a controversial entrance to the show, losing her dress and revealing all to live viewers.

Courtney Act. Photo: Channel 5

Shane blasted claims that the accident was intentional saying “Of course it wasn’t planned, I didn’t want to flash my g*sh to the nation”

Shane said: “This is just amazing! Thank you! Thank you to the eight glorious women who were in the house and to all of my other housemates.

“Those people made it possible, those experiences we had…this is so surreal right now.

“It’s amazing to think the public have chosen me, I guess it’s validation. I guess this is validation that it’s OK to be different.”

Jess, Courtney, Ann, Shane L and Wayne. Photo: Channel 5

Shane added: “You forget about the people watching at home and making their own opinions on the conversations…I guess they liked the conversations!”

On Andrew: “Had a crush on him! He’s just so comfortable about everyone and everything, just knowing who he is.


Courtney Act.

“I love that and respect that about him. I do respect his boundaries. It’s fun to flirt!”

Act’s partner in crime, Andrew, tweeted a photo of Courtney with love hearts attached after Emma Willis announced she was the winner.

Courtney Act. Photo Channel 5

The loved up duo caused conversation at the start of the series when they went into the Big Brother bathroom whispering “Don’t get f****** lipstick on me”, “Shh shh shh, don’t say anything”, “Where should I put it?”, “Push it in”, “That was probably a lot more suspect than it looked”.

Courtney and India. Photo: Channel 5

It was later revealed that they were only drawing a sign in lipstick that Courtney kept by her bed during the series.

Courtney has had a few arguments throughout her time in the CBB house, heated chats with runner up, Ann Widdecombe, were a regular occurrence.

Jess, Courtney, Ann, Shane L and Wayne. Photo: Channel 5

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