Rodrigo Alvez defended by Ex On The Beach’s Laura Summers after the Brazilian TV star used the N-word TWICE on Celebrity Big Brother

HUMAN Ken Doll Rodrigo Alvez has recently made headlines after he used the N-word twice while talking with housemates on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Brazilian-born TV star has received hate tweets and has appeared all over social media after he said “I like a n**** boy” in conversation with Gabby Allen, Chloe Ayling and Natalie Nunn.

However, Ex On The Beach’s Laura Summers is having none of it. She released a statement to her twitter followers with the title “Ok Big Brother fans….”.

She said: “I’m so sick of hearing people call my best friend Rodrigo a racist! HE IS NOT A RACIST. That’s a very serious accusation to make.

“He should have NOT used the word he did but it wasn’t in any form [of] a malicious way! He’s from a different culture and English is not his first language.

Natalie and Rodrigo. Picture: CHANNEL 5

“Sometimes he’s a little naive but no way a racist! He’s dated so many different men from all over the world, black, white and Asian.

“People need to get off this bandwagon and stop the negativity! Also I’d like to point out that two of Roddy’s [Rodrigo’s] beloved grandparents are black!

“So please before everyone jumps on the bandwagon learn about where someone is from and DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, even more so in Rodrigo’s case!”

Rodrigo was given Celebrity Big Brother’s first warning of the series after using a racial slur twice in the same scene.

He was in bed with Gabby Allen, Chloe Ayling and Natalie Nunn when they turned to the discussion of Dan Osborne.

Rodrigo Alvez on launch night. Picture: CHANNEL 5

Natalie suggested Dan could be “Rodrigo’s type” when they called him over for a chat.

Rodrigo said: “I like a n***** boy. He’s too white for my taste.”

The next day, he was issued a formal warning by Big Brother who explained that he would be removed from the house if he repeated his actions.

He was told: “Rodrigo, before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour were explained to you.

“This morning at 2.40am in the bedroom, in a conversation with Dan, Gabby, Chloe and Natalie, you used the N-word twice.

“Rodrigo, this word is highly offensive, and very likely to cause offence to both your housemates and the viewing public.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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