£250,000 Ferrari 812 flips onto roof in motorway crash

STORM Christoph is being blamed for a major crash which saw a Ferrari 812 Superfast sportscar land on its roof.

The incident took place on the M621 in West Yorkshire just before 12pm this morning and the driver’s injuries are unknown.

“Poor sod. A nasty way to learn that wide tyres aquaplane easier than narrow ones,” said one motorist. “Hope they’re ok.”

Highways England confirmed the crash took place on the anti-clockwise section of the road between Junction 1 and 2.

They tweeted: “#M621 anti-clockwise J1 #Beeston to J27 #M62 lane 1 is currently closed to facilitate the recovery of vehicles involved in a collision.


“Storm Christoph 1 – Ferrari 0.”

One motorist speculated if the flashy motor was brand new and from a nearby supercar dealership.

“Wonder if they’d just picked it up from the dealership 5 minutes away,” they said.

“I’ve seen a few on the hard shoulder near J1, first time on the motorway, floored it in bad weather, result.”

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