Amanda, Ashley and Malika are booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in TRIPLE eviction – they talk of their ‘epic highs and epic lows’

Since yesterday, viewers have been voting to save Amanda, Ann, Ashley, Malika, Shane J or Shane L.

Last night (January 30), Emma Willis revealed live to the house that Ashley, Malika and Amanda had received the fewest votes and would be the ninth, tenth and eleventh housemates to leave Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

Ashley. Photo: Channel 5

When asked about being evicted, Ashley told Emma: “It is overwhelming, it is weird, but I am happy.

“Now that it has happened I’m OK with it.

Malika and Ashley. Photo: Channel 5

“I had the most amazing time and I feel like I lived every day in the best way I could.”

Ashley also spoke about her relationship with Ginuwine who was in the audience: “This is so weird that he is sat next to my parents.

“I kind of remember not liking him. When I saw him in the VTs, I was like – phew, I am not going to fancy him.

“And then I can’t remember the moment, we just connected straightaway.

“So when he left, I didn’t really expect him to go and that was really hard.

“I got on with things but I really missed him.”

Emma then asked Malika about how she felt about the eviction: “I’m really happy because I made it this far.

Malika. Photo: Channel 5

“It is one thing to commit to something and it’s another thing to live it out.

“I had epic highs and epic lows, I literally was here because of my housemates. When I was just thinking about myself, I was already two feet out of the door.

“But when I thought about how I made it through the first three weeks, it is a testament to the people around who made it worth it for me to stay.”

Emma then revealed that the next person to receive the fewest votes was Amanda. She said her goodbyes and left the house.

Emma asked Amanda how it felt to be out of the house: “I have to say it’s the most peculiar feeling I’ve had in my life. Real people!”

Amanda. Photo: Channel 5

On her friendship with Ann, Amanda told Emma: “When you ever see someone with that tougher out bit you know that underneath has a soft centre.

“Ann and I have very different views but I would never have ever discussed that or pushed Ann into that or asked her any questions about it.”

Tune into the Celebrity Big Brother final on Friday February 2 at 9pm on Channel 5 to see who will be crowned winner of this season.

Amanda, Malika and Shane L. Photo: Channel 5
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