Amanda Holden left sour-faced after Ant and Dec pull off ‘Mission Impossible’ in the latest series of Saturday Night Takeaway

AMANDA Holden has been left bemused after her Britain’s Got Talent co-stars, Ant and Dec, managed to pull off what she said was impossible, pranking her on ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Holden has endured the presenting gig of her nightmares when Ant and Dec wreak havoc in the first ‘Undercover’ in a brand new series of Saturday Night Takeaway.

In what she assumes is just another day selling her homeware range at QVC, Amanda is left unaware that her Geordie friends are doing everything possible to cause complications and calamity behind the scenes.

Amongst the pair’s escapades are discarding dirty cups and banana skins around the supposedly good as new set, glueing a drawer stuck and leaving a bemused Amanda desperate to cut to a commercial break.

They also instructed one of the production team to call her ‘Mandy Pandy’, and in perhaps their most daring move of the day, invading the set in the middle of one of Amanda’s broadcasts.

With sparks flying, quite literally, in their final set piece, has Amanda fallen hook, line and sinker for Ant and Dec’s most ambitious prank yet?

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