Amputee Instagram MILLIONAIRE parks £400,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV outside bank with new ‘LEG’ number plate

AN AMPUTEE Instagram millionaire has parked his £400,000 blue Lamborghini Aventador SV outside a bank in Cambridgeshire sporting his new ‘LEG’ number plate.

Ashley, who describes himself as “half the legs twice the man” owns various exotic super and luxury cars, from Mercedes’ to high-end SVR Range Rovers.

He is well known in a Cambridgeshire town, for parking his rides in front of a Costa Coffee shop.

Today, Ashley has attached his new ‘F5 LEG’ number plate to his Lamborghini and has parked in his famous Costa spot.

The town’s local Facebook discussion group was having none of it, one person said: “A blue badge doesn’t mean you can park anywhere you choose.

“There are disabled spaces around town for badge holders, outside the exchange and Barclays [bank].”

Another fired back: “Actually as long as there are no further yellow lines on the kerb he can park there for three hours with a blue badge.”

One man defending Ashley’s parking said: “What annoys me is I often see other cars parked there sometimes two or 3 at a time.

“It seems only this one gent appears on Facebook the way I see it is the jealousy kicks in and you want something to moan about.”

Another local resident made light of the situation, saying: “Is it wrong I find the number plate hilarious!

“That’s defo [definitely] my dirty sense of humour!”

The entrepreneur shared a photo on his Instagram story (@supercaroneleg) with the caption “new plate on now” with a “king” emoji attached.

@Supercaroneleg / Instagram

As posts on the discussion group continued, one resident was clearly in favour of Ash’s parallel parking, they said: “So many people so jealous.

“Get a grip people he is not hurting anybody.

“He is not breaking the law, not causing problems so leave him alone and just admire some lovely cars.”

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