BBC aiming to become the ‘best place for women to work’ following the gender pay gap row

A SIMPLE and bold ambition to lead the way and become the best place for women to work is what BBC bosses are aiming for in a new movement for the corporation.

Tony Hall, director-general, has appointed Donalda MacKinnon, director of BBC Scotland, to lead work that aims to sweep away any barriers to women progressing, fulfilling their ambitions and reaching the top.

It forms part of the BBC’s drive to have women in half of senior management and on-air roles by 2020 – and to make the BBC an exemplar for other organisations.

Donalda MacKinnon said: “We have a bold ambition – we want the BBC to be the best place for women to work.

“Flexible working, jobshares and development programmes already make it easier for some, but by bringing in the very best new ideas from outside as well as inside the BBC, we can do even more and aim for everyone to reach their potential.”

The corporation is promising to:

  • Investigate what gaps and barriers are holding back women at the BBC currently and how they should be addressed
  • Look at the best examples from other organisations to see how the best initiatives can be implemented by the BBC
  • Consider whether there are good ideas and schemes within specific parts of the BBC which should now be rolled out more widely
  • Explore different options for part-time and flexible working as well as the value placed on these roles
  • Establish whether it could be made easier for people to return to work following maternity and career breaks

The BBC wants to take action swiftly and make a real difference, so Donalda will produce initial recommendations for Tony Hall by the end of June.

A BBC spokesman said: “Our goal is to be a great place in which to work, where everyone feels valued and where there are equal opportunities for progression and advancement for all of our staff, and we’ll be working with other groups of staff to ensure they don’t face barriers either.”

The project will consider working practices, policies and procedures, practical support, recruitment and professional development, leadership and management development, culture and behaviours.

Staff are being encouraged to contribute ideas and participate so no stone is left unturned.

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1 thought on “BBC aiming to become the ‘best place for women to work’ following the gender pay gap row

  1. Good article Harry. I’ve been professionally working in the music business for 6 years. I’ve signed up to a lot of “women in music” things for the bbc and never have heard back from them or even found any further info about the projects going ahead! They talk the talk but will they walk the walk ? Will be interesting to see.

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