Celeb hairstylist Jordan Brumant reveals how to survive in the entertainment industry

When it comes to hairstyling within the fashion and entertainment industry, young creative Jordan J Brumant is fast becoming the first option.

He began his career at just 13 years of age working at his local hair salon. A few years later he took the plunge into self-employment where his brand HBJB was born. And it has led him down a road to bigger success than anyone could have imagined.

Jordan has since worked with an impressive number of renowned photographers, publications and brands, including Lancôme, Cartier, Chopard, GQ magazine and Glamourmagazine.

He has also accumulated a large roster of international celebrity clientele – to name just a few, Winnie Harlow, Eve, Lupita Nyong’o and Little Mix.

I caught up with him to find out his freelancing tips and tricks and see if I could squeeze out any entertainment gossip!

Jordan at the GQ Awards:

You started hairdressing at such a young age and now style hair for the stars! When do you feel was your big break? 

My big break was when I decided to leave the salon I was working for to start my own business and build my brand. I had built up a large roster of clients and decided to go it alone and started developing myself as a session stylist

What has been the biggest moment for you in your career and how did it make you feel? 

Biggest moment for me was when I did Cannes film festival. It really put things into perspective in regards to how tangible clients really are and it also made me feel humbled and grateful to work alongside world-renowned brands and other session stylists that I have always been inspired by.

What have you learnt about the music industry while styling famous musicians’ hair? And as for the fashion world, is it true what they say about it being ‘bitchy’?

Working with music artists has inspired me to develop my art. It’s also opened many doors for other clients and opportunities. It’s a good platform to showcase your work.

I would say the fashion world can be that way at times. However, I have never experienced it personally. I treat people how I want to be treated and usually being nice goes a long way!

What’s the cheekiest bit of gossip you have encountered when styling some hair?
Let’s just say what happens in the chair, stays in the chair 😉

As a self-employed stylist, what has been the biggest struggle for you, and how did you overcome it?

Going on vacation means a gap in regular income. To overcome this I work twice as hard before I go away and twice as hard to catch up when I come back.

And what are the biggest benefits of being self-employed? 
Knowing that you are working hard for yourself rather than anyone else and having full creative freedom.

What tips would you give to aspiring hairdressers?
Perfect your craft.
Always stay open-minded to learning.
Always carry a card with you.
…And never leave the country without a pair of scissors and a comb!

Jordan is recognised for having an intuitive sense of forthcoming trends and for his ability to create individual looks. He is currently situated in London but works worldwide. Follow his journey via his instagram or see his work on the official HBJB instagram.

Sazrah Hunt
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