Celebrity Big Brother’s Nick Leeson reveals dramatic moment of arrest as he fled from Asia with his face splashed across TV and newspapers

‘ORIGINAL rogue trader’ Nick Leeson reveals how he fled Singapore battling through immigration guards before on-flight drama led to his arrest.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant opens up about his time on the run in tonight’s episode.

The 51-year-old was forced into the spotlight more than 20 years ago when he caused the collapse of Barings Bank.

Speaking candidly to housemates Ryan Thomas and Kirstie Alley, he explains how he attempted to flee Singapore as the authorities looked to arrest him.

Ryan on tonight’s episode. Picture: CHANNEL 5

He eventually made it to Frankfurt, Germany, where he was stopped and charged with fraud.

Speaking on tonight’s episode, he explains: “I’m in the airport to go on the plane and there’s this long walk up to the immigration desk and [my wife] goes first in the hope that she’ll go through and they’ll just catch me.

“And the departure gates have all got TVs on and my face is on all of these TVs.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a German newspaper, French newspaper, English newspaper – it’s all me.”

Kirstie being told the story. Picture: CHANNEL 5

Looking on in amazement, former Corrie heartthrob Ryan says: “What a story mate! You’ve been through the mill and back!”

During his early years at Barings, Nick was making the company huge profits and earning bonuses of up to £150,000. In 1993 he made £10M for the company.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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