COLUMN: Sarah Martin – ‘Who are you?’

OH what a simple yet difficult question to ask yourself, right?

So simple because at our very core, we know exactly who we are yet due to the lives we live and the brainwashing we have gone through, we have forgotten who we are and it’s like a lost memory.

As a result we spend a LOT of time doing things that are below the standards our real selves have set.

We play it safe, we are docile, apologetic and hide away from who and what we are just so we can feel liked or safe.

We all know we do it, especially when we leave certain situations with feelings of regret or feelings of inadequacy because we didn’t stand up for ourselves or go after what we wanted.

We allowed fear of judgement and rejection to dictate our actions, we didn’t trust or believe in ourselves as we should have done.

But who cares! WHO wants to dwell on what we haven’t done or wished we did, not me!

So what can we do about it going forward?

I know I have said this before but that fear you are holding on to is never going to let you become free.

Allowing a bunch of stranger’s opinions, thoughts and ideas of who you are to dictate what you do is a one-way first class ticket to self-imprisonment.

And guess what? You let them lock you up and throw the key right in the cell with you.

You have and had the key all along.

There is no easy way to say this but you really need to just stop watching or listening to what you think people think of you!

You have to make the decision that you matter, your ideas matter, your dreams matter and that you have every right to be you as you wish in this world.

You have to walk tall, hold your head up high and realise that EVERYONE feels like you on some level. We are all the same.

Without sounding too crude, everyone is fucked up one way or another.

You just have to accept your version and love the hell out of it and open that cell so you can live damn it!

You may not know who you are clearly right this moment, but you know what you want deep down, so follow that and in time who you are will become clearer.

I will say that I know that at your core you are a human being capable of doing anything he or she wants. You are magical, you matter and you are needed.

Spend so much of your energy educating yourself to enable your mind to expand and create the life you want.

Allow yourself to be open and absorb life all around you!

Dare to dream bigger than you can even ever imagine and then go for it with everything you have.

The world needs you because you hiding behind your fear is a disservice to the betterment of humanity.

Sarah Martin is an all round creative who in her words doesn't fit in any standard box! She is the founder and owner of female empowerment fashion brand SHE Republic. She is also a writter, blogger, vlogger, artist and TV host. For more information about her works visit

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