Cops carry drunk former X Factor star into police van

FOOTAGE shows the moment former X Factor star Bradley Hunt was dragged into a police van by multiple cops after an alleged homophobic attack in Birmingham.  

The 28-year-old claims he was “attacked in the toilets” by bouncers at a nightclub in the city and was “laughed at” by police before he was carted off.  

A viral TikTok video shows the moment several officers carried the ex-reality star who rose to fame after falling out with his bandmate, Ottavio Columbro, over some uncooked chicken. 

“I was NOT arrested,” said Hunt in a statement on Instagram. 



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“If I don’t laugh then I’ll cry. YES I was very drunk but it doesn’t change the fact that I was attacked in the toilets last night by the bouncers of a nightclub whilst washing my hands.  

“Have you ever been beaten where they laugh like you are not even a person. I decided to leave the club by myself and go outside to find the police.  

“I walked over to about 5 officers where two of them proceeded to laugh whilst I was explaining what had happened.  

“In the past, my experience with the police hasn’t been good and they have never got back to me on many occasions.”  

Bradley says he’s so fed-up of abuse both online and offline and says his “high tolerance” came to an end during the ordeal.  

He added: “I proceeded to tell the police ‘you never do anything for me’ and ‘I’ll take the law into my own hands’.  

“As seen on the video I’m telling them to leave me alone while I saw a half empty bottle of strawberry Volvic and launched it towards the Club sign.  

“All police chased me as I ran and ended up jumping on top of me. While I walked to the Police Van in cuffs I was distressed and all I could see was people laughing and filming me.  

“They don’t understand the daily trauma of abuse or homophobic abuse and the story behind my episode.” 

Bradley says he “shouldn’t of retaliated with throwing a bottle of water” but wanted to “be heard for a split second”. 

He added: “I am happy I told the police what I thought and showing the real Pride in standing up for yourself.  

“I was taken home in the back of a police car so I’m happy I saved money on an Uber.” 

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