‘Don’t fear, exams are here’: Our Maddie offers some study tips to ‘procrastinating’ students who are about to embark on test season

THE word “exam” itself brings overwhelming anxiety to many people.

However, getting worked up about it isn’t going to help you out at all, in fact, it’s just a hindrance to you, the world will not stop turning if you don’t do well.

What will help you, is cracking down and doing your best.

Throughout my time in education, I sought out various tips that helped me with stress and gave me the best chance in the exams…


You can’t drink some blueberry infused water and suddenly get top marks on your exam, it helps but it doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t work hard.

Stop procrastinating and just study – I felt that the best way for me to study was to go over something that I felt I already knew as it made me feel more confident about the topics I wasn’t too sure on and it helped me get into the “study mood”.


Literally, everything. Get a diary and write EVERYTHING in there.

Whether it’s revision, exercise or even catching up on Riverdale (but leave the Netflix till the end of the day) I think we can all admit to the occasional Netflix binge.

For me, this is the most helpful thing in the world, as I will revise for an hour on and off by giving myself breaks every two minutes, by checking my social media which means in total I probably only do 10 minutes worth of work in that hour slot.

Instead, use an app like Tide, available on the Apple Store. It plays peaceful music for however long you want; I have mine set at 25 minutes.

Once those 25 minutes are up, I take a five-minute break by replying to my friends on social media or grabbing a drink/snack.

I do another 25 minutes and then move onto another activity.


Practice exam questions religiously. This will get you used to the exam questions you may face and broaden your knowledge.

Either ask your teacher to give you past papers, or essay questions or have a look online, google is a godsend to the 21st century.


Ok so how many times have you gone to the doctors for literally anything and they say to “eat healthy and exercise” YEAH, I’M SORRY BUT DOMINOES HAVE A REALLY GOOD DEAL ON RIGHT NOW.

They’re right. Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happy and healthy eating helps your brain work to the best of its abilities so crack out the carrot sticks and do some squats.

Lucy Wyndham-Read has the best workouts and some super easy recipes all for free on her YouTube channel and they’re super easy to do.


Like I said before, stressing won’t help you out, if you’re having a bad day and everything is going wrong, you really do need to take a step back and spend an hour or so pulling yourself together.

Go for a walk, get some food, call one of your friends for some desperate motivation.

I feel like my friends are pretty fed up of the “pls help me motivate myself” texts on the daily but they help me nonetheless.

If you have planned your day that much that you can’t afford an hour break, then you need to reduce the amount you have planned for the day.


Have it in your mind that you’ll treat yourself when your exams are over, it might be that you buy yourself something or go for a weekend away.

For me, it’s going to be the biggest cheat day in existence, which is also helping me with my healthy eating and exercise routine.

So, remember, stressing isn’t going to get you anywhere, in fact it gives you spots and nobody wants that, relax yourself and keep it simple.

Smash these exams and achieve your goals.

Maddie Callaghan
My name is Maddie and I'm a university student at Hull studying History and Archaeology. However, I am also an avid follower of everything to do with the beauty and fashion industries.

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