Eamonn Holmes ‘way out of line’ with Dr Zoe Williams

THIS Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has “humbly” apologised after being slammed for “racism” live on-air with Dr Zoe Williams.  

There have been calls for the ITV star to be sacked after he compared his health expert co-star’s hair to that of an alpaca on Thursday’s show (August 12).  

Eamonn thanked Zoe for her introduction and said: “Your hair reminds me of an alpaca today, you just want to pet it, don’t you?” 

“It’s very alpaca-ish,” he added. 

Zoe – visibly awkward –replied: “Don’t touch my hair!” 

Ruth interjected: “Yeah don’t touch the hair! Thank you, Zoe, see you later.” 

Issuing an apology this afternoon, Eamonn said: “Hey everyone out there.  

“If my attempt at being humorous with my friend Dr Zoe Williams was misjudged, I am mortified and humbly apologise to anyone who was offended.” 

One viewer said: “That was way out of line and Dr Zoe had that anxious laugh we women of color do to brush off insults because if we correct you right away you take offense and label us difficult.  

“If you had sun burn and she said you reminded her of a pig you wouldn’t find that nice. Do better.” 

In Holmes’ defence, one fan fired back with: “I saw it and was so glad she laughed it off not offensive at all. 

“People go WAY over the top nowadays, I hate the fact we have to feel the need to apologise constantly because of offending people – bit of banter is great.”  

Another added: “Making jokes about a black woman’s hair is never being “humorous” especially when comparing it to an animal.  

“Eamonn I appreciate you felt this was in good humour, but please do better.” 

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