Ex-Love Island star Anton Danyluk reveals ITV secrets

FORMER Love Island 2019 star Anton Danyluk has revealed how ITV producers amp up the action and exposed some shocking TV secrets.  

The Scottish reality TV star has told how show staff would “cause drama” and “pick people’s types” to remain on standby for bombshell announcements.  

In an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, the 26-year-old has revealed all on how the drama keeps coming on each episode of Love Island.  

He explained how the producers “cause drama” between the Islanders, he said: “There will be people on standby.   

“Even when I went on the show, I didn’t know I was starting until I arrived in Mallorca.  

“I just knew I was going to be in the first half of the show, I didn’t know if I’d be a bombshell or starting.”  



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Anton added: “They match it all up and decide how the people will fit in.  

“If they think it’s slow they’ll get more people in to cause drama.” 

Anton Danyluk shot to fame on Love Island back in 2019 alongside the familiar names such as Curtis Pritchard, Amy Hart, and Tommy Fury. 

“They just pick people’s type,” added the ex-Islander.  

“People ask if the show is scripted, but you’re never told what to do completely.  

“They’d suggest you say what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling, but that’s it really.” 

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