Ferrari driver crashes £250k supercar after TWO miles

AN unlucky Ferrari driver crashed his new £250,000 supercar the same day he bought it – driving just two miles out the dealership. 

The flashy Italian motor was written off in Derby on April 1 and rumours on social media suggest the car collided with a HGV lorry. 

Derbyshire Police Tweeted a photo of the bright red Ferrari 488, joking that the post was no April Fools joke despite the awful timing. 

They said: “Derby. 1st April. Driver bought a Ferrari this morning and crashed it after driving it less than 2 miles. No injuries.

“Not an April Fool. Incident 368.”

One resident said: “Looks like they rear ended a hgv. 

“Suspect the electric power element might have played a part, electric acceleration is nuts for urban roads.”

Another added: “Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t we need separate tests for different power motorbikes and need to have the licence for the previous cat for a period of time b4 moving on to the next? 

“If so why don’t we do the same for cars? Stops those who pass in a Mini, drive away in a Ferrari.”

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