‘I could see results straight away’ latest FAT MELTING treatment has celebs queued out the door in new toning craze

A NEW toning treatment that promises your ideal body in time for the summer holidays has launched in the UK.

Levura Hifu is the name, it melts fat and is said to “lift and tighten the skin by aiding the production of new collagen”.

The new craze has had celebs flocking to the Dermadoc Clinic in London to try it out in time for the summer season.

A spokesman said: “Results can be seen instantly due to muscle contraction, but full results will be seen within eight to twelve weeks.”

Frankie Essex admiring her new look. Photo: Submitted

Reality TV star, Frankie Essex, has just begun her treatment with Levura and has shared her experience with the Entertainment Gazette.

She said: “The treatment is absolutely amazing, it wasn’t too long and is totally pain free.

“Whilst I was getting my treatment done by Dr Firhaas, I was asking loads of questions about the layers of skin cells the shots were firing at.

Chanelle McCleary and Mark Byron. Photo: Submitted

“He was explaining them to me so well, I was really intrigued about my whole treatment on my lower belly area, as it’s one of my main body concerns.

“I’m so excited now for my results.”

Another celeb jumping on the toning train is Nadia Essex, she’s headed into the Shepherd’s Bush clinic for a lower face treatment.

Nadia Essex. Photo: Submitted

Big Brother star, Aisleyne, has also had her first treatment, focusing on her lower face.

Levura say that the lower face is the most popular choice as it ‘slims down the jawline and banishes any signs of a double chin’.

Aisleyne said on Instagram: “Had my first session today and I absolutely loved it.

Aisleyne. Photo: Submitted

“Perfect for removing any stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge no matter how much exercise I do!

“I will show you my results in six weeks, but I could see them straight away! Well excited.”

Also to go ‘under the machine’ is MTV’s Chanelle McCleary, who’s having treatment on her lower face, waist and abdominal region.

Chanelle McCleary. Photo: Submitted

Levura will be showing off their ‘star-studded’ work at the Aesthetic Medicine Live convention on March 17 and 18.

Joining them at the exhibition are some surprise celebrity guests.

For more information, visit: www.levura.co.uk

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