ITV’s ‘Winning Combination’ wraps up strong first season

ITV STUDIOS’ newest daytime quiz format ‘Winning Combination’ wrapped up a very strong first season in the UK on ITV.

Overall, the series averaged 1.3 million viewers and a 16.7 per cent market share, which is 19 per cent up on the Monday through Friday 3pm slot volume (1.1m/15.8 per cent). 

In the 16-34 demo, its share for the series was 14.8 per cent, an impressive 26 per cent higher than ITV’s slot average, winning its time slot each week.

In Winning Combination, nine contestants are given a number from 1-9. 

Across four rounds, they answer questions to be one of four players in the end game. 

Qualifying players take their numbers through to the end game and choose where to place themselves in order to create the final 4-digit combination. 

This number represents the prize pot they are playing for, but also how hard they have to work to get it! 

The bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to be a Winning Combination.

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