Tiger King Joe Exotic compared to Love Island star as Netflix legend’s potential earnings after leaving jail are revealed

TIGER King Joe Exotic faces most of his life behind bars, but just how much money could the ex-zoo keeper earn when he is released?

Launched into the spotlight by the newly released Netflix documentary, Joe Exotic has quickly become a household name.

The eight-part show highlights Joe’s zoo journey, and is a tell-all on the curious case of Carole Baskin and her missing husband.

But with this new-found fame, we explore Joe Exotic’s opportunities for when he is released from his jail cell in the future.

Harry Rutter, celebrity PR and publicist, said: “Let’s not forget that Joe Exotic, despite his various slip-ups, was a clever business man with very stable finances.

“His rumoured net worth was around $12.5 million when he and his zoo was in it’s prime, so he knows his worth.

“Joe could charge what ever he likes for the first interview when/if he walks out of that prison, we’re talking six-figure sums.”

Joe Exotic prison mugshot. Picture: Santa Rose County Jail

Rutter explained Joe’s new Instagram fame could easily make him comparable to an entry-level reality TV star or influencer.

He added: “On social media, Joe Exotic can now be compared to a Love Island contestant as his official account boasts more than 420,000 followers already.

“His worldwide exposure on Netflix and YouTube videos make him a very desirable ‘influencer’ to the right brand.

“A normal influencer with that amount of followers can comfortably charge upwards of £2,000 per post, but this is the Tiger King.

“Joe Exotic could easily demand more than £15,000 for a single post on Instagram and move into six-figure earners for regular posts.

“Perhaps Joe’s biggest earning potential would be an autobiography deal, Exotic could turn his chaotic life story into millions of dollars.

“He could easily sign a deal with a publisher for more than $1 million for a tell-all story about the Tiger King, including parts missing from the documentary.”

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