KFC Crisis: Met POLICE ask takeaway loving Brits to STOP calling 999 about the chicken shortage

FRIED chicken lovers have been calling the POLICE due to the ‘KFC crisis’, leaving upto 600 stores with no chicken.

The crisis comes due to a delivery error, leaving stores all across Britain without key ingredients and more importantly, chicken.

Tower Hamlets MP said on Twitter: “Please do not contact us about the KFC Crisis.

“It is not a police matter if your favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire.”

They later added: “Good evening Tower Hamlets ERTB are on night duty again tonight!”

“Last night was busy despite the inclement weather so I think is safe to say it’s more of the same tonight!

“ERTB will be entertaining no chicken jokes tonight #hangrypeople.”

The police warning sparked some hilarious responses on Twitter.

@KeloidKrown said: “When your Twitter account is run by a Vegan.”

@Quannoi said: “So, what, is it Mi5 I need to call then?”

KFC reveal the reason behind random closures across the UK. Photo: KFC (@KFC_UKI)

A KFC rival, Sam’s Chicken said: “Feel free to send people our way. We are fully stocked & open for business”

In response to the ‘crisis’, the company said to be responsible, DHL, said: “Due to administrative issues a number of deliveries have been incomplete or delayed.

“We are doing our utmost to rectify the situation as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

In a previous statement a KFC spokesperson said: “We deliver fresh chicken to our restaurants, but we’re having a few hiccups with our delivery system at the moment.

“We’re really sorry for any inconvenience, and we’re working to have all our restaurants back up and running as soon as we can!”

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