Kris Boyson is all smiles as he shows off his ‘half price nose job’ partner Katie Price bagged him during trip to Istanbul for her facelift

KATIE PRICE’S beau Kris Boyson is beaming after getting a half price nose job in Istanbul thanks to the power of the Pricey.

She says never underestimate her power, but even Kris wasn’t expecting to bag discounted surgery while Kate had work done in Turkey.

The 29-year-old was very anti- surgery and can be seen in Kate’s TV show, My Crazy Life, telling his partner she should avoid going under the knife.

Clearly that has all gone out the window as the personal trainer proudly posed for photographs with his new nose on his Instagram.

The post – which has been liked more than 3,300 times – didn’t really go down well as some fans are calling him out for his sudden change of tune.

One said: “You moaned about Kate having work done then you have it done? But [you are] still looking good!”

Kris claims he went under the knife due to “breathing problems” he’s suffered for a number of years after breaking his nose “so many times”.

Some are not convinced and say that he is just making up excuses. “Why do all celebs say they had breathing problems after a nose job”, one said.

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Another fan – who is blasting the backlash – said: “Since when was he [Kris] anti plastic surgery?

“He’s never said it’s wrong or criticised anyone for having it.

“He’s just told his girlfriend who has already had an excessive amount that she really doesn’t need anymore and to be careful.

“He’s stayed with and supported her decision to have more so can’t be that anti surgery.”

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