Kris Boyson hints at proposal to lover Bianca Gascoigne

KRIS BOYSON has hinted he could be getting engaged to his girlfriend Bianca Gascoigne in “just a few months”. 

The 31-year-old ex of former glamour model Katie Price revealed all on FUBAR Radio this evening to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng.

The personal trainer gushed about his partner of 10 months, who he moved in with after just one date due to lockdown restrictions.

He said: “She’s great, I mean she’s an absolute diamond.”

Kris recently launched his own fitness app, ‘Koach Kris’, which focuses on mental health as well as exercise and diet.

He admitted that Bianca’s “helped me a lot with the app” and features on many of the workouts.



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“She’s concentrating on her make-up business at the moment, that she’s doing really well with, which gives me a chance to get my head down with the app and all the sort of filming, filming the workouts,” Kris added.

The fitness instructor admitted that it hasn’t been the easiest time to be developing a relationship.

He added: “With lockdown, you can’t even go on a date. Do you know what I mean? You can’t even go out for a nice bit of food.”

Despite this, the blonde hunk recently admitted that Bianca is ‘the one’ and confirmed that wedding and baby plans are definitely on the agenda.

He added: “I don’t want to say too much about that sort of thing.

“But, like, yeah, she’s a great girl and I’ve always wanted kids and wanted marriage and stuff like that. So, you never know what will happen.”

He struggled to hold his tongue too much and surprisingly let slip: “Maybe I’ll be back on here [FUBAR Radio] in a few months and the story will be different.”



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Kris came into the public eye in May 2018 after he started dating Katie Price, who he later proposed to in July 2019.

Since their split in September 2019, there have been many public digs between the pair of them, and Kris made a thinly veiled one at Katie again tonight.

When talking about his current girlfriend Bianca, Kris said: “She’s so supportive, she appreciates what I’m doing for work and she really helps out with it.”

He then took the opportunity to allude that not all of his previous girlfriends have been quite so nice, adding: “It’s nice to have someone that’s nice and supportive and understands what you do.”

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