LGBTQ+ Pride in London 2021 cancelled due to Covid-19

PRIDE in London 2021 has been scrapped by organisers following an “extremely challenging” decision as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Bosses say they’re “truly saddened” that the annual LGBTQ+ event in the UK capital will not be going ahead as planned due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 

A spokesperson for Pride in London said: “Covid-19 has affected all of us, changing so much about how we live our lives and gather together in our communities.  

“Pride, like all other major public events, has faced countless challenges with regards to safely holding one of the largest events in the capital. 

“I’m truly saddened to say that Pride in London won’t be happening in person this year.  

“Last week was extremely challenging navigating the government’s recently updated Covid-19 guidelines and legislation for large-scale public events like ours.”  

Event organisers decided to pull the plug on the event despite several other large-scale events still taking place across the city and country.  

The spokesperson added: “It became clear when working through final risk assessments that our event could not provide the level of mitigation expected from the local public health team and the government. 

“It would have meant losing the crucial parade and reducing the event to just two or three stages scattered across central London with limited tickets.  

“This goes against everything we want Pride in London to be or that we have been so far.” 

According to organisers, if Pride in London were to go ahead, it would have to scrap some of its more well-known traditions. 

“No parade, no protest, means no Pride,” said the spokesperson.  

“We cannot waiver from that commitment to you, our community. How are we meant to tell some people that they have tickets and others they don’t? 

“Tomorrow we start planning the return to the streets of London in 2022 with our most inclusive and queerest event yet ready to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first pride in the UK. 

“Thank you to the volunteers, organisations and agencies who have been working hard for the past 15 months and were also looking forward to marching and sharing their voices unapologetically.  

“You have my deepest respect and our community’s love.”  

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