Troll threatened to ‘slice up’ Love Island star Jake Cornish

LOVE ISLAND contestants often receive trolling on social media, but did this one comment to 2021 islander Jake Cornish take it too far?  

In an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, the realty TV dating show star revealed one person threatened to murder him in front of his family.  

The 24-year-old revealed the comments had affected his wellbeing, branding the anonymous troll “sick in the head” during the in-depth conversation.  

He said: “Only two comments have got to me. They were mentioning my nieces and that was someone sick in the head saying, ‘I’ll slice you up in front of your nieces’.  

“That’s not right. But I don’t get hate any more.  

“A few people I’ve seen in the public, they’ve said, ‘You’re actually so different’ and ‘You’re better looking in person’, and I’m like, ‘Yeah cause you’re only seeing 40 minutes of 24 hours!’.  



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“The public are only going to believe what they see.” 

Now single Jake split with 22-year-old Love Island co-star Liberty Poole and exited the villa just before the final, leaving fans in disbelief. 

The pair started the series as the perfect couple, but as the weeks went on the relationship began to break down.  

Fellow Islanders accused Jake of playing games and not being genuine with his feelings. 

The former water engineer says he won’t “lose sleep” over the opinions of people he’s only known for a few weeks. 

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