‘I would love to lose my virginity to Gemma Collins’ – Meet the man from E4’s Celebs Go Dating that’s obsessed with the TOWIE star

MARTIN MACEDO, otherwise known as the man screaming “Oh my god guys, Gemma Collins” on E4’s Celebs Go Dating has become ‘famous’ overnight after viewers shared a clip of him going mad for the GC.

E4 launched a brand new series of Celebs Go Dating last night (February 4) featuring TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star, Gemma Collins.

Superfan, Martin, applied to be an extra on the show, in his application he said: “I would date Gemma Collins and I would love to lose my virginity to her.”

“If I was to take Gemma on a date it will be at a Chinese buffet.”

After his excitement outburst during the GC’s (Gemma Collins) arrival aired on TV, viewers took to social media, sharing pictures and videos that have now been viewed over 100,000 times.

One viewer said: “You’ve gone viral pal, I knew you would.”

We caught up with Martin and asked a few questions about his time with his dream date.

Why are you such a Gemma Collins fan?

“I’m such a big GC fan because she’s just a diva you would want to be with, she’s funny, intellectual, and she’s so inspirational as well.”

What did you and Gemma talk about?

“I basically said: I would love to go on a date with her and then after get jiggy and lose my virginity to her.

“She seemed quite livered and she called me entertaining which is a compliment and I will take that.”


What was your reaction when your clip went viral?

“I was flabbergasted because that’s me being genuine and honest and when I saw Talia Storm I had the same reaction.

“But I enjoy looking at it because it makes me laugh and I know it makes other people laugh at home so it’s a win, win situation.”

Gemma Collins. Photo: Channel 4 Press Office

What have people said about your new found fame?

“People have been saying: Martin you’re famous, I knew this will happen.

“Other people are calling me a celebrity now, everyone’s response have been amazing towards me, I feel the nation loves me.”

If Gemma said yes to a date with you, where would you take her and why?

“If I was to take Gemma on a date it will be at a Chinese buffet.

“The reason why is because I’m a big fan of Chinese and I’m guessing that Gem likes a Chinese as well.

“And I love a good old Chinese. I mean what could go wrong?”

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