Meet the London lad, 17, who was responsible for alternative version of EO’s hit single German ‘In a Corsa’ – how this boy from Croydon got into making music

A LONDON lad has exclusively revealed why he made his alternative version to EO’s hit single German and how he got into making YouTube videos.

Zain Mir from Croydon has been filming and uploading videos since he was just 11-years-old but says he’s only started “taking YouTube a bit more seriously” since taking his GCSE’s.

The 17-year-old made his break-through after uploading his parody of Barking by English rapper, also from London, Ramone Rochester (Ramz).

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Zain told The Entertainment Gazette: “I’ve been making occasional funny videos and skits here and there until I saw Barking by Ramz.

“When I saw that the song had got millions of views and it was filmed so close to home, I had to take advantage of it.

“I filmed my own parody to that in January, which got reposted by a famous Instagram account @imjustbait and it received over 470,000 views.”

EO, a 16-year-old rapper from London, released his now hit single German on GRM Daily’s YouTube channel in March this year and since uploading it’s had over 14,000,000 views.

According to Sports Playlist EO originally recorded German on the beat of Ramone Rochester’s Barking, the track gained 300,000 plays on YouTube before he re-recorded the hit with producer J Rocs.

Zain said: “When German came out, I was impressed by the fact that EO is my age and he just made a hit song, so I saw the potential for me to make a funny cheap version of his song, and just went ahead and did it.

EO – German *Corsa Parody*. PHOTO: YouTube / Zeeeboii

“Since then, the videos been reposted on Instagram by different accounts and has got over 300,000 views combined, plus the 75,000 on YouTube.

Sporting a personalised ‘ZEEEBOII’ number plate, Zain and a few friends are seen sat on top of a silver Vauxhall Corsa, rapping lyrics such as “got my squad chilling in a Corsa” and “sticking to the speed limit cus I got a black box”.

Zain added: “If EO’s reading this, I love German and it’d be cool if he could show some love to my video.”

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