Molly-Mae Hague divides fans with ‘chav chic’ Gucci coat

LOVE ISLAND star Molly-Mae Hague is under fire after calling her £1,950 Gucci x The North Face coat “chav chic”.

The reality TV star using the “classist term” to talk about her near-£2,000 coat has not gone down well with loyal fans.

“Chav literally stands for Council Housed and Violent. It’s beyond me how anyone can think this is okay,” said one follower.

She might not know to be fair, the word is more associated with a way of dressing now,” fired back another in Molly-Mae’s defence.

“A lot of people don’t know it’s a word associated with the lower class,” said another.

“Just educate people and I’m sure they won’t do it again.”

The 21-year-old Love Island star posed in the mirror with the Gucci and The North Face collaboration piece.

“Chav Chic and I’m all here for it,” she captioned the photograph.

One follower said on Twitter: “Molly-Mae calling her Gucci TNF jacket ‘chav chic’ really does back my dissertation.

“Saying stuff like that with the potential of ‘influencing’ her five mill followers to use classist terms like that really does not sit well with me.”

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