Nadia Essex EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love can be found on TV’

RELATIONSHIP guru Nadia Essex has spoken out about reality TV love and says it is possible to find long-lasting true love on the telly. 

The former Celebs Go Dating expert, speaking exclusively to The Entertainment Gazette, reckons TV is a “great place to find love”.

“I do think reality tv dating is real,” said the now full-time mum to baby Ezekiel after giving birth in March last year.

The 38-year-old told The Entertainment Gazette: “Just like in real life, some people’s motives for dating are not to find love first and foremost.

“People on reality tv are just more honest I suppose.

“No one can say they go on tv for love first. It’s always for fame and love comes a close second. There isn’t anything wrong with this.

“Some people want to be doctor’s, some want to be famous and I don’t think such a negative association with tv dating is warranted.”



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Speaking of TV love success stories, Nadia added: “As many couples have proven; Olivia and Alec Bowen, Cara and Nathan, love can be found on tv.

“I think it can be a great place to find love. You have someone else doing all the hard work for you and you just turn up and hopefully find romance.

“I love watching people fall in love. And if it’s on my telly with twists and turns, all the better.

“No relationships these days last forever, on or off TV we have such a high divorce rate it’s extremely rare people will stay together forever.

“We are not a monogamous species by our very nature so staying together is a choice and one that requires a huge amount of work to keep going and keep the spark.

“It is possible to find long lasting true love but, Unfortunately, nothing in life lasts forever.

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