New series of Hot Property confirmed for BBC Three

AFTER two huge series, the naturally hilarious TV presenter Yung Filly returns to BBC Three for a third series of his popular series Hot Property. 

In the series, trusted wingman Filly travels around the UK to meet single people looking for love. 

The premise is simple: Filly takes the Hot Property singletons through the keyhole, snooping around the homes of potential suitors, deciding who to date based purely on the stuff they own, the rooms they live in, and the verdict of their friends and family. 

The last one standing is taken on a date – where they’ll find out whether the attraction is there IRL. 

Yung Filly said: “I’m so gassed to be presenting the third series of Hot Property.  

“The rooms keep getting more extreme, the fun we have on set is insane. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been up to.” 

More details about the new series will be revealed soon. 

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