Peter Kay and Sian Gibson reveal all following the ‘special improvised’ unscripted episode of Car Share that aired on Monday

PETER Kay and Sian Gibson have spoken briefly about the new unscripted episode of Car Share that aired on BBC One yesterday night (Monday May 7).

The BAFTA award-winning show returned to screens with what the BBC are calling a “special improvised” episode where Peter and Sian ad-lib as John and Kayleigh.

The one-off Car Share episode follows the duo home on their daily commute and features exactly what was said without the help of a script.

Speaking when the special episode was announced, Peter said: “We were always very fond of ad-libbing around the script when we were filming the [previous] series.

“We decided to see what would happen if we took the script away and just relied on just our chemistry alone, reacting to whatever came on the radio.”

Peter and Sian sat down for a conversation following the final edit of Monday’s show.

What was the idea behind the unscripted episode?

Peter: “I think it’s always good to try and do something original and I couldn’t think of any other narrative comedies that have ever made a fully improvised episode.

“As Sian and myself often ad lib when filming we thought we’d give it a go for an entire episode.”

So you really didn’t have a script?

Sian: “Really. Nothing at all!”

Peter: “We just reacted to whatever came on the radio and just went with it, good or bad. We hope people like it.”

Peter, you recently screened unscripted and the Finale in Blackpool, how did you feel about the audience reaction?

Peter: “It’s absolutely wonderful hearing an audience react to what you’ve been so hard working on for so long.

“We’d screened both series there in previous years and it’s really rewarding, plus you get to raise a bit for charity too.”

Sian, was it difficult not to burst into laughter whilst filming unscripted?

Sian: “We were always laughing, and nearly all of the laughter you see in Car Share is completely genuine.

“Peter knows how to make me laugh with just a look – so he constantly makes me giggle.”

Peter: “You’re just as bad.”

Sian: “I’m not!”

Peter: “She is.”

Sian: “It’s because we find the same things funny.”

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