Riyadh Khalaf gives cat unintentional lockdown haircut

CELEBRITY Masterchef star Riyadh Khalaf has shared a hilarious photo of his cat’s first unintentional haircut. 

The winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2020 and YouTube star posted a picture of his cute grey feline next to an almost identical shadow of fluff.

“Brushed my cat and now I have two to feed,” said the Irish author, podcaster, presenter and LGBTQ+ activist.

The hilarious snap, which has been ‘liked’ nearly 13,000 times, shows Riyadh’s cat with his fresh new hairstyle.

“You’ve cloned your cat?!?! With a brush?!?!,” joked journalist Adam Pearson.

“Looks like a feline CSI situation,” said one fan.

“The cat on the right is doing its innocent implacable stare and taking no responsibility for the dead cat on the left.”

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