Scarlett Moffatt reveals she’s NEVER had cosmetic surgery after claims that her alleged ‘secret nose job had gone too far’

SCARLETT Moffat has fired back at news outlets after claims that she’s had a nose job and after talking with professionals, they say it’s “gone too far”.

The Gogglebox star broadcasted to her 1.7million Instagram followers today (March 29) blasting claims that she’d ever had cosmetic surgery.

The 27-year-old said: “I just want to address a few of these articles that are saying that they’ve been in contact with plastic surgeons.

This is me age 6. I have the same button nose, chubby cheeks & monobrow that I do now (just now highlighter and contouring exists ha) I also have the same attitude in that life is measured by how many times I laugh a day and how much love I have in my heart. because that’s all that truly matters! Ladies, women, girls… despite what most media thrusts upon you … we are more than an aesthetic shell. I like to stay positive & focus on my fellow females achievements… as woman we are more than our looks, weight, clothes, our partner!! Stay strong & let’s not let this 2018 social conformity of behaving a certain way bring us down!! In the words of little mixes jade “we can wear what we want & twerk if we want” #girlpower

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“Apparently i’ve gone too far with my nose, erm, the nose i was born with” she joked.

The Sun had recently reported that Scarlett was accused of having a secret nose job, Botox and a chin job.

Scarlett added: “I have never had a nose job or any surgery on my nose or any fillers in my cheeks.

“This is literally, my face – so my point is, before you start comparing yourself with people in magazines and start considering surgery.

“Maybe just think, that a lot of this is just fake news – i mean, if you show a picture of somebody from 10-years-ago – i look different from when i was 17.

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