Singer Example promises to buy fan new car if his ‘new album does well’ after they claimed their car is from 2001 and ‘has no AUX’

EXAMPLE has pledged to buy one of his fans a new car after they asked for the singer’s latest album to be released on CD as he ‘doesn’t have an AUX’.

The English singer has promised to buy the fan a new car providing his new album ‘does well’ and labels the whole thing as a ‘random act of kindness’.

It all started when Jordan Niner commented on one of Example’s posts on Instagram, he said: “Are you bringing this [his new album] out on CD?

“Please say yes, I need some new bangers from you while I’m driving.”

The 36-year-old joked back with: “probably not. It’s 2018.”

Jordan replied, he said: “My car is from 2001 and doesn’t have an AUX. Anyways, I’m buzzing for these bangers.”

Within minutes, Example came back, he said: “Well if this album does well, I’ll buy you a new car, how about that?”

Example, otherwise known as Elliot Gleave, says he’s buying the fan a new car “so he can enjoy” the new Bangers and Ballads album set for release soon.

Jordan quickly jumped onto Twitter to share the singer’s promise with his friends, he tweeted: “So @example has some new bangers out next month and has said he’d buy me a new car if the album does well, help me out and download/stream/buy.

The tweet, which has since had more than 10,000 likes, caught the attention of the internet’s finest comedians, Simon Murdoch tweeted: “Defo gonna be on vinyl thought right? I only have turntables in my car.”

Another user said: “Is your new album coming out on cassette?! I only have a bicycle and a cassette player.

“Would love some banging tunes for my bicycle…. If this has worked, I would like an Audi r8 please, thanks in advance.”

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