‘Stop taking life too seriously’ – Meet the man who’s raked in over 4 MILLION views filming people slipping on ice in Manchester

HEAVY snowfall and icy conditions have created some pretty embarrassing moments for Brits this week as the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ sweeps through the UK.

Harry Charles, a musician from Bolton, saw an opportunity to highlight our slip-ups when he setup a camera from his Stalybridge recording studio window, filming passers by stumbling on a hidden ice patch.

Harry, along with his manager, Dan, caught several near misses and a couple of big falls on camera – although he reassures viewers that if anyone sustained serious injuries, he would be “straight down the stairs to help”.

Since re-posting the ‘slip clips’ from his Instagram (@harryfrombolton) to his Twitter, over 4.4 million people have watched it, it’s been liked 300,000 times and retweeted by 125,000.

We caught up with Harry following his video’s slippery success.

What made you setup the camera?

“Me and my manager, Dan, noticed people slipping and decided to upload them to my Instagram story.

Did you expect the video to be such a hit?

“You’d probs [probably] expect me to say no, but me and Dan both said that the vid was viral material n [and] we were right.”

One mans fall. Photo: @harryfrombolton / Twitter

Any plans for an ‘Ice Slip 2’?

“Nah lets not over-do it.”

What would you say to people that think you shouldn’t have filmed people falling?

“I think those people are taking life way too seriously.

“If I could physically see that anyone was actually hurt I’d be straight down the stairs to see if they were ok and I defo [definitely] wouldn’t put the video out.

Harry Charles. Photo: @harryfrombolton / Instagram

“And for the people saying ‘what if a pregnant woman or an old lady walked past?’, we’d warn them, which we did do with one lady and she was buzzing we’d helped her out.

“We ain’t [are not] animals we were just having a laugh – I get that someone could’ve hurt themselves, but they didn’t.”

What’s been your favourite reaction from viewers?

“My favourite reactions are the people who say ‘this made my day’.

I see you in my dreams. Heart Breaker out now. Full version on YouTube and FB.

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“The weathers been absolutely mingin at the minute, everyone’s got bad winter blues and that video has made these people laugh for 2 [two] minutes straight and that’s a good feeling to be able to put a smile on so many peoples faces.

What’s new from you?

“Got loads of new music just about to be released and it’s all going to be very special.

“Music videos, shows. I have a gig on [March 20] in Manchester at Soup Kitchen supporting Banfi.”

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