The Cabins star Tom DENIES having long-term girlfriend

THE CABINS contestant Tom has denied claims he already had a long-term girlfriend while appearing on the TV dating show. 

The Entertainment Gazette exclusively revealed that Tom was ‘already seeing a girl’ before entering the ITV show.

A source close to Tom said: “He is in a long-term relationship and was when the show was filmed.

“They are still together and she knew what was going on.”

WhatsApp screenshots seen by The Entertainment Gazette show members discussing Tom’s “girlfriend” and how she’ll feel.

Shortly after our article was published, Tom and his rumoured girlfriend deleted all of their pictures together on Instagram.

Since deleted posts on Instagram featuring Tom and his rumoured girlfriend. Picture: Instagram

One post showed the pair walking on rocks, it displayed the caption “couple goals” and “travel couple”.

Despite quickly deleting the posts, speaking exclusively to The Sun, Tom claims the girl in the pictures is his “best friend”.

He said: “I don’t know where this has come from.

Pictured: Tom. Picture: ITV

“People seem to have confused pics of me with my best friend. I was absolutely single before I went into The Cabins.”

Our source begs to differ and tells us that his rumoured girlfriend “probably feels like a mug” after Tom treated his campmate Olivia to a Magic Mike dance.

They said: “She probably feels like a mug,” said our insider. “When he returned from filming, he denied even kissing Olivia.”

“When the first trailer came out, where you could see them kiss, he had to backpedal on his story.”

Tom performs the Magic Mike dance for Olivia. Picture: ITV

“Only a couple of weeks till he’s single,” joked one of the WhatsApp group chat members. “This will be so good to watch.”

“Tom knows himself it will be so cringe to watch. Tom was telling me that his girlfriend’s mum was going mad about the ‘How good in bed are you out of 10?’ comment on the trailer.”

“I believe he applied [for The Cabins] before he was ‘official’ with his girlfriend,” our source added.

Tom and Olivia left The Cabins on Wednesday (January 6) as ‘the first cabins couple’.

The Cabins continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV 2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

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