The secret is out – we reveal how to take control of your skin and become more confident on a student budget

I SWEAR there’s nothing worse than having a whole week of flawless skin, to hit the weekend and boom, breakout.

It can put such a downer on your mood and leave you feeling a little self-conscious, especially for the Friday night “out with the girls” selfies that await you.

For me personally who had awful skin growing up and was definitely the chubby spotty kid in the class, I was really hoping I’d grow out of having bad skin naturally.

Did it happen? No… it did not.

I didn’t even have a real skin care routine until a couple of years ago and then all of a sudden my skin became clearer and I felt in control, if a spot had arisen, I knew what to do.

My skin was a little dry; I had the tools to conquer that.

I’m not saying just having a routine will instantly rid you of acne.

However, what I am saying, understanding your skin and knowing what your skin personally needs is extremely helpful.

I got my first ever skin consultation at The Body Shop, I knew I had dry skin with occasional breakouts so I never knew if I should go for something moisturising or something to combat my spots.

However, I was advised on what sort of routine I should step into and from then on I adapted and now I feel in control.

So I’ll show you what I use and how it helps me to feel like I have command over my skin…

£3.99 from Superdrug

This absolute gem was originally intended for my lazy way of taking off my gym makeup in the shower, but it’s now my favourite skin care product ever.

I wear a lot of makeup and it only takes one wash to get rid of it all, I originally used a balm to melt the makeup off my face but I couldn’t do it without using way too many of the cotton pads and my skin felt greasy after, this has absolutely changed my routine and I’d be lost without it.

I’m probably addicted to the smell of Nivea products and this is no exception, I have no idea how they smell so good.

This I either use in the morning or the night, depending on how I’m feeling, but it’s gentle enough to use daily and in the morning it helps so much to give me a good base before putting on my makeup and I feel like I have baby face skin.

£3.99 from Superdrug

I always double cleanse to ensure I have all the grime off my face, I really enjoy how this cleanser not only cleans the skin but also nourishes at the same time and this entire “Fine Flowers” range is perfect for my dry skin and also leaves a fresh scent but not too harsh which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

£5.99 from Boots

You could also follow this up with a toner to remove the cleanser if you feel like it and this range also has a matching toner.

£29.00 from The Body Shop

So not only does this night cream smell like a good dream it feels so creamy and makes your skin feel instantly moisturised and ready to go, this is an absolute staple for my beauty regime because of my dry skin but I also think it relaxes me which helps me sleep at night.

So that’s everything I include in my night time skin care regime to help me take control of my skin, I’m not saying these exact products will work for everyone but if you suffer from dry sensitive skin like me, then I’d definitely recommend giving them a go.

As The Body Shop cream is the most expensive you’ll probably want to try before you buy, which is lucky as they give out free samples for you to try out first.

Now I think it’s a perfect time for a glass of wine and a little pamper night *insert wine emoji here*.

My name is Maddie and I'm a university student at Hull studying History and Archaeology. However, I am also an avid follower of everything to do with the beauty and fashion industries.

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