Vandals GLUE traffic cone to roof of £215k Lamborghini

VANDALS who permanently stuck a traffic cone to the roof of an entrepreneur’s £215,000 Lamborghini are still on the run. 

Suspected thugs targeted foreign exchange trader George Linfield’s bright purple Lamborghini Huracan Performante on Thursday (January 7).

Sharing photographs to his Facebook page, George appealed for any help he could get and dubbed the ordeal “f******g mental”.

George Linfield pictured with his £215,000 Lamborghini. Picture: Facebook

“Anyone know what this is and how I can get it off?” said the forex trader of Southampton-based SO FX.

“Sorry this has happened to you,” said one commenter. “It looks like they’ve used Gorilla Glue.

“It Looks like they’ve potentially left the packaging behind, I’d keep hold of that as there may be some DNA on there, contact the police if you haven’t already.”

The traffic cone stuck to George’s Lamborghini. Picture: Facebook

Making light of the situation, George shared another photo of his pride and joy this morning (January 8) – still sporting the stuck-on cone.

“What it feels like to drive around with a cone on your roof,” he joked while attaching a photo of a pizza delivery man.

The entrepreneur says he is “getting it sorted at the moment” and that it “should be all good” – but there’s “still no news on who it was”.

The damage and rubbish left behind. Picture: Facebook

He said: “I started trading just over six years ago now when I was studying in college, long story short I managed to develop a system that allowed me to scale a six figure income out of trading in just eight months.

“Since my pretty rapid success from trading i had a huge influx of people wanting to learn how i did it and how they could do it too, which led me to starting my company and building my online training helping new traders.

“Over the last few years of helping new traders I’ve amassed over 13,000 students using the methods that I’d developed and have gone on to see some of them create some real success stories.”

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