Watch as Lamborghini driver caught on mobile phone

THE driver of a bright green Lamborghini – being given away online for just £10 – filmed the moment they were stopped by police in Leicester.  

Online competition website Nitrous Competitions were reportedly pulled over by the Leicestershire Roads Policing Unit on Wednesday (August 11). 

A police spokesperson said: “Doesn’t matter what sort of car you drive, don’t use your mobile phone. Traffic offence report issued for offence.”  



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Nitrous Competitions joked: “The possibilities are endless with what you can achieve by winning this car.” – sharing a video of the moment police stopped them. 

“It was at this moment he knew he f***ed up… Always one [isn’t] they (sic).”  

One resident, not a fan of the Lamborghini Aventador SV, said: “I’m not sure that somebody with such lack of taste will have the intelligence to use hands free technology!” 

Another said: “The colour is the most offensive going on as far as I can see! Any fines for bad taste?” 

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