Flats where The Circle is filmed in Manchester are NOT computer generated and here is how you can find them on the map

IF you love The Circle, you are going to love this – the flats where the hit Channel 4 show is filmed are NOT computer generated and here is where to find them.

Located on the outskirts of Manchester, the reality TV set is located just a stone’s throw from the River Irwell and an easy walk from the University of Salford.

Some people speculated that the large Circle logo displayed on the front of the posh new builds was created by a computer and not actually real.

However, Manchester locals and travelling tourists have debunked this theory by paying The Circle set a visit during the day while filming continues.

Images obtained by The Entertainment Gazette shows the LED lights in full swing, lighting up the front of the building on Adelphi Street.

If you plan on visiting The Circle site, you must hurry as Channel 4 are more than half way through season two and filming will pack up before October 20.


Production are expected to leave Adelphi Wharf before the end of October when residents should be able to view or purchase one of the apartments.


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