Who remembers the time KFC ran out of chicken?

I FOUND myself thinking back to years before Miss Rona and almost forgot about the time KFC restaurants across the UK ran out of chicken.  

We covered the KFC-crisis quite thoroughly in The Entertainment Gazette so I thought why not look back on the week nicknamed “the end of the world”.  

I mean I love KFC as much as the next person, but one man in Bristol literally thought his life was over when his local KFC closed its doors.  

“It’s basically the end of the world,” he told reporters after it was announced the fast food giants KFC had closed hundreds of stores up and down the UK.  

After a problem with “delivery partners”, more than 900 restaurants went without fresh chicken – halting the sale of Bargain Buckets across the nation.  

In an official statement, a spokesperson for KFC said at the time: “We won’t compromise on quality, so no deliveries has meant some of our restaurants are closed. 

“Others are operating a limited menu or shortened hours,” they added during the incident in February 2018.

At one point, the Met Police in London had to issue an official warning after receiving a number of KFC-related calls to its extremely busy 999 service.  

“It is not a police matter if your favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire,” said an officer from Tower Hamlets Police. 

“Please do not contact us about the KFC Crisis,” they added.  

One man on social media suggested that the real reason the restaurants are closed is the “chickens are on strike” – KFC did confirm that was not the case.  

Staff at a KFC branch in Plymouth was one of the many who had to close up early and turn hungry customers away – leaving them devastated. 

“KFC without chicken what next? Burger King out of burgers? The end is near,” said one panicked chicken-lover. 

In Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, one local said: “I went to KFC last night and they had NO chips, gave them a second chance tonight and they had NO chicken and NO coleslaw! 

“NO apology and had to suffer sitting round the drive through for the pleasure of NO food! Shocking!!”  

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