‘Why go under the knife when you can do this?’ We try out the latest celebrity cosmetic craze and receive SHOCKING results within a week

WHEN offered the opportunity to try out the latest cosmetic treatment, Levura Hifu, following my report published last week, I couldn’t say no – here’s how it went.

Disclaimer, this report is NOT influenced by the brands mentioned – this is our reporter’s review of her experience with Hifu and she was NOT paid to produce this article. – The Editor

Levura Hifu is a machine capable of melting down fat as well as tightening the skin – it is very fast, can be done on a lunch break and only needs to be topped up once or twice a year.

It’s perfect for those with a fast paced life, which may be why it’s the new celeb craze.

Sazrah with Big Brother’s Mark Byron. Photo: Entertainment Gazette

Big Brother’s Mark Byron, who has admittedly had LIPO in the past, wishes he knew about this speedy, hassle free option first.

Mark said: “It’s the best achievable result you can get without going under the surgeon’s knife.

“I’ve had surgery and if I knew about this treatment back then I would have opted for this.”

So how does it work?

The machine uses high intensity focused ultrasound, sending out heat which breaks down fatty deposits, liquefying them so they can pass through and be washed out of your system.

At the same time it can produce new collagen to tighten any loose skin around the area.

Is the machine safe?

Yes, it is doctor approved and only uses sound waves to create a small amount of energy.

I decided to get my stomach done which has been a problem area for me most of my life.

Sazrah’s stomach before the treatment. Photo: Entertainment Gazette

I have always worked out regularly but that area does not want to budge and only seems to want to grow!

I also got under my jaw done – the machine felt like a small warm vibration and if anything, I found it therapeutic.

The staff at Dermadoc were very welcoming, friendly and had my sense of humour so I giggled my way through the treatment.

Could I see my results instantly?

Yes. Because of the muscle contraptions I saw and felt an instant result.

Sazrah’s stomach just days after her treatment. Photo: Entertainment Gazette

The full results take around 8 to 12 weeks, and I am seeing changes every day.

Was there any pain?

Not during the treatment, but afterwards and the next day, I felt a mild feeling in my muscles.

It was as if I had done a workout, which is a feeling I personally love as you feel your body tightening and toning.

Have I felt many more changes since?

I have already noticed changes – I’ve rekindled a flame with a jacket I was about to write off due to my lower belly stealing the show once it was zipped up, sticking out like a sore thumb.

It is now completely flat in that area once the zip is closed which has really brought back my confidence when it comes to wearing tighter garments.

When posing in selfies with my friends I have certainly noticed a more defined jawline and the skin is feeling smooth and younger.

All in all, the experience for me has been amazing, and I’m not paid to say this at all, but the treatment truly worked for me.

I will follow-up this story after the allotted 8 to 12 week time is complete – you can follow me on Instagram, @SazrahProducer, where I hope to share updates.

To find out more, visit: www.levura.co.uk/hifu-pro/ or to book your treatment / get a FREE consultation, visit: www.dermadoc.co.uk/

Sazrah Hunt, real name Sarah, is music editor at The Entertainment Gazette. For stories, email: sazrah.hunt@entertainmentgazette.co.uk | Insta/Snap/FB: @SazrahProducer

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