Woman who had Stephen Fry tattooed on her hip for five years shows the British TV star on Twitter and his reply was absolutely hilarious

A WOMAN who had comedian Stephen Fry’s face tattooed on her right hip has been left gobsmacked after the TV star sent her a hilarious Twitter reply.

The British actor and writer said he was “greatly honoured” after Rebecca Vincent from London had the 61-year-old tattooed on her body more than five years ago.

In the Tweet that sparked it all, Ms Vincent said: “Can someone let Stephen Fry know that I have had him tattooed on me for about five years. Thank you.”

The tattoo in question. Picture: Twitter / @Becca_jew

The social media snap gained that much attention that the QI star spotted it and sent this hilarious response to Rebecca and his 12.7 million followers.

He said: “Oh my, Rebecca. And right by your clam … heaven bless us all. I am greatly honoured.

“Important I dedicate the rest of my life to not doing or saying anything so dreadful that you have to remove me … xx”

‘Your clam’ of course referencing one of Rebecca’s other tattoos on her hip and not what some of his fans imagined he was talking about.

One person said: “I did not expect a reference to a woman’s clam from Stephen Fry in the morning. But I’m enjoying it.”

Another added: “I thought it was pretty eyebrow-raising until I saw the actual clam tattoo.”

For Rebecca, this isn’t the end. She says she already has plans to have TV veteran David Attenborough tattooed on her left hip.

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