Wrap King: Yianni Charalambous says ‘thank you’ after being ranked one of London’s most influential people

AUTOMOTIVE entrepreneur, Yianni Charalambous has been named in a top 100 list highlighting the most influential people in London, topping Tinie Tempah and Micky Flanagan.

Yianni is well known on screen and on social media for his business, Yiannimize, a bespoke vehicle wrapping service based in Enfield, North London.

With millions of followers online, the Cypriot car customiser definitely deserves his spot on the prestigious list.

Yianni. Photo: Yiannimize / YouTube

The ‘London Power 100’ is a list aimed to “identify who the movers and shakers in the capital are”, and was created by Lewis Drazen, a businessman based in Witham.

A judging panel has been placing individuals in the top 100 since early November last year, taking into consideration their achievements past and present.

Yianni said ‘thankyou’ in response to his 86th placement, ranking higher than billionaire, James Stunt and prankster, Dapper Laughs.

Yianni’s Lamborghini Aventador S. Photo: @Yiannimize / Instagram

The wrap king has recently starred in his own TV show, Yianni: The Supercar Customiser – which airs every Wednesday at 8pm on Dave.

Yianni has also just got back from filming with Sky One in South Africa, shooting behind the scenes for a new show, Carnage.

Talking to the The Sun Sport, Yianni said: “From a young age I was always passionate about cars.

“Loved cars, even down to the fact where I was moving my toy car, my mum would say to me you use to pretend to park in a parking space.

“So as I grew up cars got bigger and more expensive and I ended up spending more and more money on them.

Yianni on set with Sky One. Photo: @Yiannimize / Instagram

“I worked at Marks & Spencer stacking shelves in the night shift, I’ve worked in the city and I worked at a milkshake shop.

“But I believe that if you are doing a job you’re passionate about – it doesn’t feel like working, it’s fun.

“My business Yiannimize was born, about 12 years ago. The name came from my name, obviously Yianni and the word customise.”

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