YouTuber Zoella blasts claims she’s had a secret boob job and blames new contraceptive pill along with the shadow in new summer snap

YOUTUBE star Zoella has fired back at fans who say she’s had a secret boob job after posting a new summer beach post on Instagram.

The Brighton-based vlogger says the shadow, the angle the photograph was taken and a new contraceptive pill is the reason her boobs appear bigger in her latest snap.

Shortly after posting the beach photo online fans quickly probed the internet star, asking when she had the boob job and why she kept it a secret.

Zoella – who’s in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes – fired back at the claims on her Instagram story.

She said: “Yes my boobs look bigger in this pic because it was taken BELOW me and the shadow has made them look bigger.

“No I haven’t had a boob job, not that there is anything wrong with that in the slightest.

“No my bra isn’t triple padded. It’s my normal bra that I always wear.

“Yes, they’ve grown a bit this year as I’m on a new contraceptive pill.”

She joked: “Happy Monday boob chat.”

Some fans have since jumped to defend the star, one said: “I’m sorry you had to justify your boobs in this pic Zoe.”

Another added: “Loved that you called people out in your story. You shouldn’t have to but sometimes that’s how we change things. #proud #strongwoman.”

Featured image: Instagram / @Zoella 

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